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AGOSTINHO TOFFOLI TAVOLARO - Legal education: Law School of Catholic University of Campinas (1959); Major in General Procedure Theory (1963) and Civil Procedure (1964) from the Law School of São Paulo University; and Major in Tax Law (1966) and Finance Sciences (1967) from the Law School of São Paulo University. Professional Activities: Member of the American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil; Vice-President of the Brazilian Association of Financial Law (ABDF); Vice-President of Brazilian Academy of Tax Law (ABDT); Vice-President of the Latin American Tax Law Institute (ILADT - Montevideo) - 1997/1998; Member of C.E.S.T.E.C. - Centre for European Studies on Taxation and Electronic Commerce – Rimini – Italy; Vice-President of the International Fiscal Association (Rotterdam – Holland) – 1983-1989 and member of its Permanent Scientific Committee (1990-2000). President of American Chamber of Commerce Brasil – Campinas (2001-2004) and Vice-President of American Chamber of Commerce Brail – São Paulo; Member of the Superior Law Council – Fecomercio – São Paulo; Professor: Commercial Law and International Business Law at PUC Campinas 1986/2008); President: Academia Campinense de Letras and author of Law and Literature books.

FÁBIO PADOVANI TAVOLARO - Legal education: Pinhalense Learning Foundation – Espírito Santo do Pinhal (1991); International Fiscal Association Congress (Rio de Janeiro e Toronto – 1989/1994); Workshop OAB/SP – Harvard Law School – Harvard Brazilian Organization, Boston, 2000.. Professional Activities: CEO of GVS do Brazil Ltda. (1999-2001); Executive Manager of Automa Brasil Ltda. (2000-2003).


CRISTIANO PEREIRA CUNHA - Legal education: Universidade Paulista – UNIP – Campinas (2001); Postgraduation Informatic Techonology Law at Escola Politécnica USP -2013. Specialization Civil Law – Metrocamp 2002 Specialization Civil Liability – AASP 2003 Specialization Real State Law – Escola Paulista de Direito EPD - 2017

PAULA CRISTINA CHARABA PADOVANI - Legal education: Law School of Guarulhos Integrated College (1995). Major in Civil Procedure Law from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) in 1995. Professional Activities: Coordinator of the Legal Department of Consórcio Conprof' – 1993; Technical Adviser to the Presidency of the São Paulo Trade Registry – 1994/1997.

RAYANE CAROLINA PEREIRA FLORENCE - Legal education: Law School of FACAMP – 2010. Postgraduation Certificate in Employment Law and Labor Procedural - Paulista School of Law (2013).

CAROLINA SOARES BUZZONE – Legal education: Universidade Paulista (UNIP) 2005, postgraduation Civil Procedure and Business Law – Faculdade de Direito Damasio de Jesus 2009.

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