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Practice Areas

The multidiscipline training and broad experience accumulated over the years allow Tavolaro e Tavolaro Advogados to perform in the most varied fields of law, such as tax planning, corporate organization and reorganization, discussing and drawing up contracts, civil, labor and tax litigation.

Our performance extends throughout the entire national territory, through a vast network of correspondents, as well as in the international area, where we have personal contacts in major countries.

The practice of international, public, private, business and tax law has become an outstanding distinctive mark of our office.

It is a constant practice of our office to attend Congresses and Seminars, always acting dynamically through lectures and conferences.

services provided

Our office is capable of providing legal assistance to companies on general issues, on all areas of the Law, and on matters that require preventive advisory and legal counseling activity, such as: tax law, civil law, business law, labor law, industrial property rights, penal law, international law, economic law, consumer law, environmental law, etc.

Our work system consists of keeping close contact with our clients, to whom we become direct assistants, and we have even organized the internal legal departments for many of them, working with them in an intimate relationship.

On several occasions we have coordinated our clients’ legal and litigation department.

Additionally we are included in the “The Lawyer's List” published in the United States, in the “Kime's International Law Directory” published in England and in the “Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory” - www.martindale.com.


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