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The law office, Tavolaro e Tavolaro Advogados, has its remotest origin tied to the beginning of activities of its eldest partner, Dr. Agostinho Toffoli Tavolaro who, in 1959, began his professional activities as a Lawyer, providing services in this city to the office, Borges & Aranha, São Paulo. Later, he was admitted as a partner to that law office, which became Aranha, Durazzo & Tavolaro in 1965.

Also, the office, Aranha, Tavolaro & Tavolaro began to coexist with it for specifically covering activities in Campinas,. In 1968, our office became Tavolaro, Tavolaro e Haddad Advogados, a law office registered in the Brazilian Bar – São Paulo Chapter, under No. 67, registered in Book 1, Page 151/152, of the “Registry of Law Offices”, dated November 8, 1968, and registered in the CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica – Federal Corporate Taxpayers Register) under No. 46.104.436/0001-21, with name changed on January 1, 1991, to Tavolaro e Tavolaro Advogados, with Agostinho Toffoli Tavolaro and Fábio Padovani Tavolaro as partners.

trainning new generations

Training young people in professional ethics has become a constant concern of our office, and we provide them with the opportunity to acquire experience and knowledge of professional activity in all aspects.

Thus we have had going through our office over 500 (five hundred) trainees, who today are distinguished members of the Bench, the Public Prosecution Service, the Government and private business, and all the members of our office feel tremendous personal satisfaction and pride in how many outstanding trainees have gone through here.


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